What does stay well to you mean? 

It's not just about avoiding getting sick. It's about taking care of your whole body, inside and out! Did you know there are five different areas of our body that need care? In addition to feeding our brains (intellect), we have to keep active (physical); we have to explore our feelings (emotions); we have to discover what we believe (spiritual); and, we have to stay in contact with others (social).

We're going to focus a lot on:

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)
building stronger brains, exploring our feelings, interacting with others

Becoming a GREAT student (academics)
learning to work on your own and with others, being responsible for your personal learning, developing success skills like completing your work, managing your time, stressing less taking tests, and organizing your life

(careers and citizenship)
discovering how to be a good citizen, dreaming of your future, setting goals, and exploring your interests

This video explains how caring for our bodies helps us to stay well.