Directions regarding COVID 19 Closure
My primary concern during this time is for the health and safety of my students and their families.   This includes the student's emotional adjustment to these big changes.  We will address academic needs, but FIRST please be kind to yourself and your child as we all fiqure out how to make this work.

There will be changes as we go through this process, but for now, I recommend 30 - 45 minutes of work in the morning and another 30 - 45 minutes in the afternoon.  In between try to find some physical activities.  I will make some fun suggestions each morning on our Class Story on Class DoJo or in our classroom's private facebook group.  You can request membership at

There are paper packets available for pick up at the schoo on Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays from 9:00 -1:00.

I am also suggesting some other activities for those who have an internet connected device.

1. ST Math (20-30 minutes per day)accessed through Clever.
Study Island (20-30 minutes per day)accessed through Clever.
3. Raz Kids (read and take quiz for one or more story per day). 
4. JournaI daily with the writing prompt publised each morning on our
    Class Story on Class DoJo.
        OPTIONAL: Share your writing in Word on Office 365 accessed
        through Clever to get feedback from me.

5.  ZOOM  meeting at 8:30 am daily. The link to do this will be published by 8:15 on Class DOJO under the class story and in the classroom facebook group..
6.  Read or be read to each day for your 30 minutes.