E. Leffel



2nd Grade

Materials will be delivered Monday. We will be using virtual meetings and the materials for instructional time. 
If you have not joined Class Dojo, please do so . If you need a new invitation, let me know and I will send you a new invitation.



Class Dojo




Your child will have homework on a regular basis.  All homework assignments will be a review or extension of concepts learned in class.  Every day your child will bring home a folder with important information in it.  A Planner is used to keep track of homework. Graded/checked papers will be sent home on Fridays. 


Subject areas

Your child will take part in reading, spelling, language arts, social studies, science and math every day.   Homework will vary in each subject depending on how well they grasp the content in class.



We will have a snack every day.  If you are able, please send class-sized snacks with your child.  Bags of pretzels, crackers and other easy to distribute snacks would be appreciated.  Unless we have enough food for the entire class, we will not have snack time.



 We have physical education on Friday so please make sure your child wears tennis shoes on this day.
  You are welcome to visit the class at any time but please remember to sign in at the office and get a visitors tag.

Keeping in Touch